We Care Arts

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Party in the Garden!

After what seemed like an eternal winter, spring has finally sprung in full force!  However, here at We Care Arts, we spent the final months of winter pretending it was spring and crafting all sorts of garden and outdoors-y decorations!  We’ve made wind chimes, hummingbird feeders, and most recently, a colorful collection of flower pots!

Our artists really embraced their creativity with the flower pot project.  With designs ranging from polka dots and other patterns to intricate designs, to whimsical cats, each pot is bursting with personality and color! 

All of our artists’ hard work will be celebrated on May 7th at our Garden Party!  Just in time for Mother’s Day, we are going to be selling all of the wind chimes, bird feeders, flowerpots, and all sorts of other garden art that our artists have been putting together! 

Visitors will be able to purchase one of our flower pots (or bring their own) and plant beautiful fresh flowers and soil from Knollwood Garden Center.  If you, like this blogger, suffer from the blackest of thumbs, volunteers will be on site to help you and give you tips to help your little flowers flourish!  What better way to welcome the warm months than with a colorful display of bright, fragrant flowers!
We will also have a Make it/Take it for kids of all ages! We provide all of the supplies, the kids bring their creativity, and decorate a small flower pot any way they like.  We will plant a flower in it as a perfect $5 personalized Mother’s Day or graduation gift.