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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Introducing One of Our Many Talented Artists

Every month we want to introduce you to one of our many talented artists here at We Care Arts and display  photos of their amazing art work. We truly hope you enjoy getting to know these wonderful artists and learning about art has had a positive effect on their lives.

Meet Aylsie Geier

Aylsie Geier is a mom and a grandma (Nana).   Art is her current occupation. She has been working at We Care Arts for several years.  WCA has been a life-saver for her, she says.  Before she came to WCA, she had been off work for about 8 years.  She has an engineering degree and worked in the automotive field for several years.  She traveled quite a bit and handled a lot of responsibility; perhaps more, she now wonders, than she should have. Her diagnosis is Recurrent Severe Depression, some anxiety and Post-traumatic stress disorder.  These days she likes to try to be creative and be on the positive side.  She feels that WCA is an uplifting experience.  Other artists and the teachers offer encouragement with understanding and acceptance. 

Please check out some of Aylsie's outstanding artwork!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

We Care Arts reaching seniors through the new Creative Aging Project

 How does We Care Arts enhance the lives of seniors through Art?  In February, 2016, we started the Creative Aging Project through the Ohio Arts Council, with the primary goal of bringing joy and happiness into the lives of seniors through art. Several of our art teachers currently visit a variety of nursing homes and senior living centers throughout the Dayton area to teach a wide range of art classes.  

These art classes focus on activities such as painting, water colors, stenciling, painting ceramics, bird house, and many other activities. Many of our classes also create projects based on the current holiday. 

Our talented art teachers travel to several different facilities including 10 Wilmington Place and Dynamic Senior Solutions. Other places fortunate to participate in the program include East Dayton Senior Collaborative, Woodglen, Brookdale, Greater Dayton Premier Management, Brookview Place Apartments, the Alzheimer's Association', Widow's Home, Pinnacle Point and the Senior Center of Northwest Dayton. 

These classes are either taught weekly or monthly, depending on the location. 

Since the program began in February, we have definitely seen how these art classes have helped participants in many ways. 
Participating in the art activities truly help people relax and get their mind off of their everyday concerns. Staff and volunteers have experienced positive observations of changes in the participants attitudes and motivation to join the class from one class to the next, or even from the beginning of class to the end. Sometimes, art students bring their family members to class so they can have fun together and enjoy some relaxing family time. 

One active participant seemed sad during the first couple of classes and has become much happier in recent classes. We  have also noticed that these art classes greatly contribute to the pride of the seniors to independently participate in the projects.

Many of the art classes in the Creative Aging Project are large, with over 40 participants. Occasionally, not everyone is actively involved with the art project but still enjoy interacting and observing their friends. 

As you may already know, We Care Arts depends on a large number of volunteers for our events, projects, and activities. Because of the larger sized classes, the Creative Aging Project can always benefit from more volunteers. 

If you are interested in learning more about We Care Arts or helping to enhance the lives of seniors through this project, please feel free to contact us. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

How does art benefit our mental health?

                                            How does art benefit our mental health?

Art is truly beneficial for our lives in many ways. According to Be Brain Fit, it does not matter what type of artistic activity you are doing, it can help to relieve stress, as well as help you to feel mentally clear and calm. Doing artwork can give your brain a break from your usual thoughts and allow you to put aside your worries.

Art in general also helps to promote creative thinking and improve problem solving skills.

Being involved with artistic activities is an amazing way to increase a person's self-esteem by giving them a sense of accomplishment. Creating art actually increases the level of dopamine, which is known as the "feel good"neurotransmitter, in the human body. A higher level of dopamine helps to increase a person's drive, focus, and concentration.  As a result, a person is much more likely to feel like "I did it!" when performing any type of art such as painting, drawing, sewing, sculpting, gardening, photography, and many others.

One of We Care Arts main goals is to help improve the lives of people with all abilities through art.

Our clients truly enjoy coming to our safe studio regularly, to explore and experience a wide range of artistic activities, as well as socialize with their friends.

If you were one of the proud employees, like me, you would definitely hear people with a variety of situations and backgrounds, talking about how much being involved with art at WCA really helps them!