We Care Arts

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Arts and Drafts Festival

This exciting, fun-filled event will take place Saturday evening, August 6th, from 4:00pm-10:00pm at We care Arts in Kettering, 3035 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, OH 45429.

Arts and Drafts is a community festival that features an art auction comprised of pieces created by nationally renowned tattoo artists, live music, great food, craft beers, craft root beer, and on site tattooing.

 Come enjoy some yummy food from the following local food trucks:
  • Wicked 'Wich
  • Zombie Dogz
  • Cake, Hope and Love
  • Orange Leaf
We will also have delicious local craft beer and craft root beer provided by:

Toxic Brew
BJ's Brew House

While enjoying food and drink, relax and listen music provided by the following bands:
  • Toni Hates Jazz
  • Pocket Rockets
  • Lydia Brownfield and Jeff Dalrymple
  • The Interns
  • Watchfrogs
  • Chris Heider
We will have on-site tattooing as well as auctioning off beautiful artwork from different tattoo artists. Come and get a tattoo for a good cause, from:
  • Trivium Tattoo
  • Dark Light Gallery Tattoos

  • The event will held behind We Care Arts, in our back lot. There is plenty of parking surrounding the agency. For more information, contact Christine Corba, We Care Arts’ Special Events Coordinator at 937.212.3777 or at ccorba@wecarearts.org.
For information on the 5K Run, Stroll, and Roll please click the link: http://wecarearts.blogspot.com/2016/06/we-care-arts-first-annual-5k-run-stroll_9.html


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meet Another Enthusiastic We Care Artist...

We Care Arts is proud to introduce one of our many talented artists, David Hiday.  He is a very active person and happily shares a wide variety of interests he has.  Below in his bio you will also learn what a positive influence WCA has had on his life and who he is today.  After reading his biography imagine how much the staff and volunteers truly enjoy helping to make a difference in the lives of our artists.  

David enjoys drawing and coloring in coloring books. He loves costumes and dressing up. He has many of his own costumes, from Star Trek to hillbillies, Spiderman and the Hulk. He has done finger paintings in previous art classes which hang in the hallway at home. He has blossomed since coming to We Care Arts. He really enjoys painting and special little projects that the staff gives him. He likes to go to Kings Island and his favorite ride is Scooby Doo. His favorite day is Friday. Around the house he does weekly chores like vacuuming and shaking out the rugs. He takes out the garbage, takes care of the cats and the dishwasher.  He is very active in church and has a very strong bond with the Lord. He likes to sing very loudly in church, and is encouraged by the other members who feel that he is really singing from his heart! His favorite TV show is Star Trek Enterprise and The X-Files. David loves to perform for an audience and is happy to dance for anyone. He dances at our events and is the hit of the night! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Color Your Steps

One of our art teachers, Sharen Eninger, here at We Care Arts enthusiastically explains how she designs shoes as a DIY project.  She has truly enjoyed painting shoes for a long time.  Sharen expressed her passion when she says “It is fun to do wearable art.”

Steps to painting amazing looking shoes:     
  • ·         Select plain white canvas shoes 
  • ·         Draw your design (geometric/organic figures) in pencil 
  • ·         Choose your colors
  • ·         Paint bigger areas first
  • ·         Or use thick sharpies for big areas
  • ·         Use fine sharpies to make smaller designs

Sharen taught this activity to our artists on visiting artist day which was Monday, July 11.  This was a perfect opportunity for people to learn something new as well as experience doing wearable art! 


Please find a short you tube video below that shows a portion of the fun filled class! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Let's celebrate Social Wellness Month!

The month of July is the perfect time to celebrate Social Wellness month, especially with all the fun filled activities we enjoy during the summer.  Social wellness is just one aspect of social well being along with physical, emotional and intellectual wellness. Developing and building positive interaction with others is very helpful for ourselves and others in many ways.   People who are socially isolated are more likely to experience illness as compared to people who are not isolated and they have an increased death rate of 2 to 3 times higher than those who are not socially isolated.

We Care Arts provides a fun and safe environment where people can socialize and build positive interactions with one another. Every time I come to work at WCA it makes my day when I hear all the people expressing how much they enjoy being here.  When we ask our clients what's one of your favorite things about WCA, the most common answer is "the people" or "my friends".  
A news source study stated that approximately 20% of individuals feel lonely or isolated during their free time and because of this WCA has become like a second home to many of our clients.  

A few Tips to add "social" to your Social Wellness Month:

1.  Socialize with friends: Having a conversation with friends and family is a good way to improve quality of life. 

2.  Volunteer in your community: Volunteering is a great way to help others but also a great way to help ourselves live a healthier life.

3. Laugh a little more: Laughter is one of the best medicines out there.  It can help you to sleep better, feel better and even help protect against heart attacks!

4. Attending social events: going to various social events allows you to network with others and develop positive interactions and learn to do many things.  We Care Arts provides many amazing opportunities like this.  If you are interested in learning about our upcoming social events and/or volunteer opportunities you can find all the information on our website below......
We Care Arts