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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Monday Morning!

We have a busy day on Mondays, filled with fun, artistic activities, laughter and joy at our studio.  Part of the fun is our small group of lady friends that are here in the morning. Coming to us through the area’s developmental disabilities group, they have formed very close relationships and really enjoy each other’s company.
 Part of their bond is in their long conversations with one another about their common interests in movies and cartoons and the favorite ones they like.  We Care Arts provide them with a great social outlet since it is not as easy for them to get out of the house as it is for most others.

 The projects the ladies do here are things that they are interested in.  Art teacher Jess tries to adapt the activities to their individual abilities so their projects are something that they enjoy doing and would also sell at our 2 gift shops.  Some of their projects include knitting, glazing pottery,  another is painting and another is making hair accessories.


While they are here, the ladies laugh together and tease each other and talk about their favorite movies and TV shows. Even when they arrive in the morning upset over something that has happened to them, they leave here feeling happy after being among friends in a caring environment.  
We are so happy that we can provide a supportive and caring place for them to come and enjoy themselves!


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