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Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Care Arts Auction Items Arriving!

Artwork items are arriving for our Annual Spring Auction! Below are a few examples. Here is a beautiful vine covered two story bird house for your yard this spring!  It was lovingly painted by Marie Brown, a We Care Arts instructor. Each side is different and will make some lucky birds a gorgeous home!

Another art instructor, Naomi Beck, wove this wooden chair back and seat out of men's ties. They created such nice colors and textures and made a very strong chair.

Gary Neeley, a We Care Artist, slip trailed these cat and crow plates with the popular blue and while motif.

Naomi has two other pieces in the auction. Below is a morning glory drawer unit which would brighten up any room!

This black shelf is also painted by Naomi. There are beautiful details all over the piece.

The basket below was donated by Greene County and is full of
 fun things!  
Are you a tea drinker?  This basket is made for you!  This was donated by Nina DiPasquale.
We still need more items for the auction on March 14 and are
accepting donations.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Care Arts Visiting Artist Classes

Our resident deep thinker, Bruce, will teach our Visiting Artist class coming this Friday, Feb 21. He’s teaching raised relief clay tiles. Visiting Artist classes happen generally every month and are taught by one of our We Care Arts teachers.

We all have a fun time at these classes. Clients get to use a medium that they may have never used before, and they meet other artists who come on different days than they do. Any of our adult clients that come on Monday, Wednesday or Friday are welcome to come to our Visiting Artist classes. 

These pictures are from a class last summer where We Care Arts teacher Sharen had them making journal covers to take home.

Betsy and her journal
 David and his journal

 David's journal

Jeff and his helper

Julie and her journal
Lois and Robin and their journals

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Printing with Fairborn and Beavercreek High School Students

We Care Arts has a large outreach art program. Our art instructors go to schools, nursing homes, senior centers, adult disability day programs, and wherever there is a need for the magic of art.
These students are from Fairborn and Beavercreek High Schools. They receive art classes each week from We Care Arts. Most of these students do not have regular art classes.
In this printing experience, they are creating a monoprint background with Gelli Plates and acrylic paint. Next a Thermofax silkscreen was used to print a pattern over the background.
Austin and Hailey are using bubble wrap, foam stamps and found objects to make textures on the Gelli Plates.
Austin is using a brayer to roll out the paint on the Gelli Plate.
Gretchen is helping Hailey spread the paint on the Gelli plate. Hailey silkscreened butterflies over her monoprint.
Michael and his peer helper are using a Thermofax screen to print a dragon
onto his Gelli print background.
Abbi is printing with a complimentary color scheme of purple and yellow.

Here are two examples from the art teacher of monoprints with a silkscreen design.
All the artists are amazed and proud of their prints! They are displayed in their rooms and in their annual art show. The teacher, aides and peer helpers at each location are an important part to the success of this program and we thank you all!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Artist Spotlight on Aylsie Geier

"My name is Aylsie Geier and I am a mom and a grandma (Nana). I have been working at We Care Arts since February, 2007. This place has been a life-saver for me. Before I came to We Care Arts. I had been off work for about 8 years. I have an engineering degree and worked in the automotive field for several years. I have traveled quite a bit and handled a lot of responsibility; perhaps more than I should have." 

 "My diagnosis is Recurrent Severe Depression, some anxiety and PTSD. Physical ailments go along with mental disability so I have some of those. These days I like to try to be creative and be on the positive side. Through all the bad days I have made it through so far. People at We Care Arts promote ones self-esteem and that is so important to people who have been thinking they have little to contribute to the society."

Below are some examples of Aylsie's beautiful artwork. The first two can be purchased at our online store.  Aylsie also has several pieces of art as the mosaics below in our gift shop at 3035 Wilmington Pike in Kettering, Ohio. Each artist receives a percent of the sale of their item.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

You are Invited to the We Care Arts Annual Spring Auction!

  • Do you like to make a difference?
  • Do you like good food?
  • Do you like good music?
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Do you like to dance?

If your answer to all or some of the above questions is yes..... than mark your calendars for 6:00 on March 14. The We Care Arts annual auction will take place at the Presidential Banquet Center at 4572 Presidential Way, Dayton, Ohio 45429. Admission to the event is $50 a person.  To reserve your spot for the evening call 937-252-3937 or visit our website upcoming events page to place your order. http://www.wecarearts.org/Community.html

The evenings festivities include live and silent auction, music by DJ Dan Edwards, MC Kim Faris will help add levity to the evening. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Limited seating so call early.
If you like to bid early go to "Bidding for Good" and search for We Care Arts and bid on some of our auction items.


If you can't attend please consider making a donation.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Acrylic Painting with the Ladies at 10 Wilmington Place

On Tuesday, Diane Zubrick taught acrylic painting to a group of ladies at 10 Wilmington Place. They placed blue painter's tape in a design on mat board.
 They painted the areas that were left with different colors of acrylic paint.
 The tape is then removed and the white lines are left. 
 Sallie is painting the white lines black for a stained glass effect.
 The ladies were so proud of their work when they were done!
 You can easily create this project at home! You will need:
  • Canvas or Mat board (use the white side, the color side will tear when the tape is removed)
  • Blue painter's tape (The one used was labeled for all materials - at Walmart)
  • Acrylic paint - tube or the craft paint in a bottle
  • Brush
1. Lay down the tape in any pattern. You can use thinner strips by cutting the tape in half lengthwise. Overlap, press down and wrap the tape around the back if needed.

2. Fill in the white areas with acrylic paint. You can use more than one color in an area and leave the strokes or blend into a gradation of color. Also, patterns can be painted over the background such as stripes and dots. Don't worry if you paint over the tape!

3. Let the paint dry for less messy removal of the tape- or if you want, it can be removed right after painting. BIG TIP: Sometimes the mat board may start tearing if the tape is removed from the edge of the board. If this happens - go the middle of the painting, tear or cut the tape, then slowly remove the tape from the center of the painting to the edge.

4. You can paint several and hang as a grouping. Smaller canvases are great for this. You can buy RIBBA shelves at IKEA and place the paintings on it in a row.


Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program

Did you know that you can easily
donate to We Care Arts while you shop? Just join the Good Neighbor Program at any of the local Dorothy Lane Markets!

We just received a check for 2013 for over $100 with just two people registered!  Imagine the amount of check for 2014 if all of you signed up!

Here is how it works: "All you do is simply choose an organization from our list to have your purchases credited. Every time you shop and scan your Club DLM card, your chosen nonprofit organization is "credited" with the purchase. At the end of the year participating charities will receive a pro-rated portion of the total $40,000, depending on the amount spent by participating customers with a Club DLM card."    - DLM Website               

We Need Donations for Our Spring Auction!

Reservations are available for our annual Spring Auction! You can
call We Care Arts at 937-252-3937 or register online
at www.wecarearts.org at the community events tab.
 Donations are needed for the We Care Arts Spring Auction! If you have a business and would like to donate gift certificates, dinners, trips or merchandise we can certainly use them! Artists can contribute works of art for auction too! We also put together gift baskets with a collection of donated items.
Anyone can donate to this major fundraiser for We Care  Arts! Our location is 3035 Wilmington Pike in Kettering, Ohio, 45429. We are just south of Dorothy Lane.