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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

Let's celebrate Autism Awareness Month and get the word out as much as possible! April is a special month that gives us the opportunity to support those on those that are on the Autism Spectrum and have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Autism has become an extremely prevalent condition among the population worldwide. We Care Arts is proud to have the privilege to work with individuals with Autism and make sure they are fully active and incorporated in our community activities. Read the below biographies and see how much these artists, who have experienced ASD, have enjoyed their time at We Care Arts. 

Steven came to us in 2013 and at first liked to work by himself with little interaction with others. Then one day, he chose to sit with the afternoon sewing class which is mostly older ladies. Ever since then, he makes a beeline for his ‘peeps’ each week and seems to really enjoy his afternoons with them. They all eat lunch together, sharing food and camaraderie. The ladies love drawing Steven out, joking with him and his socialization skills have increased dramatically after their loving attention and friendship.  

Elysse is curious and chatty and livens up the back room when she is here. She very much likes to draw and has also done some very inspirational paintings. We have used her painting as images on some of our mugs and they are very beautiful! Elysse has been coming to our program since 2015 and tries to keep her work schedule adjusted so that she can attend for her weekly Friday art class here.

Jacob has been coming to us since 2013 and loves anything that has to do with cartoons or anime. He began by painting, but showed himself willing to try all kinds of new art media. He painted a table that he built with a Mario Brothers design, which sold at our 2016 Spring Auction. Jacob has since moved to paper mache projects and just completed a fabulous dragon head. 


  1. Jacob Walker is my grandson! He loves We Care Arts! I am so proud of Jacob. Thank you "We Care Arts" for all that you do!
    God Bless You, Joanne Faison.