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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Art with Buddies Program

Jessie, one of our teachers here at We Care Arts, teaches “Arts with Buddies” every Saturday at the Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering. I had the privilege of sitting down with Jessie to learn more about this program and want to make sure you know about all the opportunities WCA has to offer both on site and off site. She has been teaching the class for about 1 1/2 years. The class is for children ages 3-6 with autism and the parents also stay and participate with their child. The class lasts about 6-8 weeks. When one class ends a new one begins. During the class students participate in various art projects every week such as making Valentine’s Day cards, painting bird houses, and making flower bowls out of clay using patterns. Jessie gets to know her students' interests and then picks out projects to match those interests.

We can definitely tell how much students enjoy coming to the program, especially because they love staying busy and interacting with others who have similar needs, abilities, and experiences. Jessie has received many positive comments from parents noting that they usually have to convince their child to participate in different activities, however they don’t have to convince them to come to this class because they are already motivated to participate.

Jessie finds teaching this class as something she truly loves doing because she loves playing and running around with children especially when they are hyperactive and having fun. She loves seeing students with a smile on their face as they play with playdough when they are finished with their projects because they finish their projects as different times so we always have things to keep them busy! She shared an amazing inspirational story that shows how much the students enjoy coming to this class. Jessie said, “Classes have about 4-5 students in them, and they all have their own long table to themselves. We were doing a project with markers on tin foil and they all came to one table on their own and started coloring together and sharing. Students come into the class really shy, or the complete opposite and scream the entire class. The more they come, the more they become relaxed and comfortable, which is a big deal for students with autism.”

The cost for this class is $35 for people who don’t live in Kettering and $30 for people who live in Kettering. This is the cost per child and parent together. If you are interested in learning more information or registering for this program please contact the Rosewood Art Center or look online at https://register.parksreconline.com/wbwsc/kettering.wsc/wbsearch.html?wbsi=si&xxmod=AR&xxtype=YVART,YPART,YHUM&wbsi=si , or call (937)296-0294.

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